Some Services We Provide...


Boat or Vehicle Maintenance 

Whether your vehicle is acting up, or your boat, our mechanics can get the job done! 

-Our Work is Guaranteed for 90 days 


Winterizing Your Boat

When you're finished with your boat for the summer, bring it to us so we can winterize it and make sure nothing bad happens if it sits during a freeze.  


Trailer Maintenance


Engine Repairs

We'll make sure all your trailer lights are working, tires are aired up correctly, and we also fix minor welding issues! 

Any Engine repairs! Small or large. We'll even swap motors for you if you need a motor swap.  Bring your own or we can get one for you.



We can do maintenance and upkeep on these guys. We can also install lifts or throw on some new tires and rims. We like to help our customers beef them up!

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